Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Zane Pugh of Hardside Interview

Here is my interview with Zane, who sings for Hardside.

Hey Zane, How are you doing?

I'm doing good man, just living right now.

So you sing for the band Hardside, how did you guys get together in the first place?

We started last summer when we decided to record a demo, Ely and I were thinking about doing a new band and we just went from there.

Word. What's the scene like out in Texas?

The scene in Texas right now is pretty cool. Lots of cool bands and lots of cool people. There are some things i wish were better but overall no complaints.

What kind of things do you wish were better?

I wish kids wouldn't complain so much about the cost of shows. Most of the shows in San Antonio are $8 come on that's not bad, Also come out and check out new touring bands, Lots of bands get kinda weak reactions there first time around and I'd like kids to step it up for them, Also lately lots of kids have just been hanging out outside of the show instead of going in, to me thats retarded.

Yeah that's really stupid. It happens alot up here in Massachusetts. What really bothered me was people complaining about Hammer Bros FREE last show and BBQ.

Thats retarded thats one of my favorite mass bands i wish i could be there

Yeah i know man, it turned out to be a crazy show. Is there any larger bands from Texas that alot of kids come out for?

Yeah man Bitter End, Power Trip and Weight of Respect are pretty big bands in Texas, check them out if you havent.

All of those bands are rad. Bitter Ends new record "Guilty as Charged" is flawless. Have you checked it out?

Yeah man I've been jammin it since May, its definitely my favorite release of the year and i dont think it can be stopped, Shouts to my brothas Ely, Griff, Daniel And Jacob they are mad men.

So you guys just did Midwest/East Coast tour. How did that go?

The east coast was amazing for us, especially the south. Unfortunately we never got a chance to play any of the midwest dates.

What caused you guys to cancel the Midwest dates of the tour?

The drummer of Results was filling in for us and some shit happened with him back at home. Sucks that it happened that way but whats done is done.

Are you going to make up the dates you missed?

Yeah man sometime, we hope to make them up as soon as we can.

How did you guys get hooked up with True Life and Results for the tour anyways?

True Life are sweet dudes, played some shows with them on both of our previous tours, And both Patrick and Jay play in Results

Results has got a new name now if I'm correct?

Yeah man new Name, they are now called Worlds Below now so check out the 7 inch, it's a banger.

Are you planning on touring again soon?

Yes, We are doing the west coast in December with our dogs in Soul Search, Then some midwest/east coast dates in the spring time.

Soul Search is awesome. Their demo is so damn good. So you guys have one release of sorts in "Welcome to Hell". Can you tell me a little bit about that?

Well yeah it's our demo pretty rough, Pretty cool. It's available for free download on our myspace page so if you don't have it, you can still get it. It was released on both Dead End Records(US) and Lion-Heart Records(EU) and is out of print on both labels.

I've heard you're going to be releasing some new material in the near future?

Yeah man we want it to be out by the West coast tour, Just looking for a label to release it for us.

What's the title of the record?

The new EP is called "Crucified" man

What does the new stuff sound like compared to "Welcome to Hell"?

In my opinion it is a lot better, Harder Riffs with some actual singing thrown in. It came out very cool and very different from the demo.

That's cool. What do you mean by "Actual singing"? Is it something like what Cruel Hand did on their new record?

Sorta man more of like Only Living Witness Leeway kinda singing we have a rough version of one of the new joints on the Facebook page check it out and see for your self,

Will do! Anything else you'd like to say?

Yeah man Support touring bands Support your local Scene, Shout outs to Bitter End, Power Trip, Worlds Below, Ruckus, The Young Brothers, Fingers Crossed, Soul Search and also you for the interview man. Fuck Clifton at Dead Room Studios And Lion-Heart Records

Alright thanks for doing this interview!

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