Friday, October 19, 2012

Todd Pollock of Test Of Time Interview

So some of you may know Todd Pollock as one of the best and most respected photographers of the last 25 years. You've may not know, but you've probably seen his photograph's on the cover of releases from bands like Down To Nothing, Have Heart, and Ten Yard Fight. Well, earlier this year Todd picked up the mic and started a band called TEST OF TIME. They just self released their debut EP "Inclusion, which is streaming below along with a Germs cover and a Halloween song. I also got the chance to ask Todd a few questions about Test Of Time as well, enjoy!
Test Of Time - "Inclusion" by WhereItEndsZine

Hey Todd, how are you doing?

I'm great, couldn't be better!

So tell me how Test Of Time started, what made you want to do a band after all of these years shooting shows?
I would like to think that everyone involved in punk/hardcore has something to say and has the desire to be in a band to express themselves. I'm no different it just took me a long time to find the right moment and right combination of people.

I had been talking about doing a band with Charles (our guitarist) for years but one thing or another had always gotten in the way. But one day we just said let's do this . We found the right combination of people we wanted to have in the band and everything else happen fairly quick after that.

And let me make it clear that just because I'm doing a band it doesn't mean I will stop shooting shows, if anything I'll be shooting more. I guess I just have to find a way to photograph my own band, ha ha!

So who else in Test Of Time besides yourself?
Well that mastermind behind the music is Charles who played guitar in No Harm Done, Offsides, and Make or Break. Jeff plays drums and has been in the bands Unsung and Masthead out of Providence. DJ plays bass and also plays guitar in Collision. And James plays guitar and sings for Collision he also plays guitar in Choke Up and was a primary member of The Effort. So basically I'm the only rookie.
Now you guys just played your first show, which was a show that you guys put together at What We Talk About in Allston, MA. It was the perfect first show for you guys, and it was truly awesome to see Bane in that place.

Yeah, I booked our first show it was just something we wanted to do. We wanted it to be in a small place surrounded by close friend and it was huge success. I wanted to have Bane, a band that is a true inspiration to me, play a really small just like it was when I saw their first show. Also I wanted to have DNA and Caught in a Crowd because they are newer bands that are kind of doing their own thing. Plus I love all the dudes in those bands.

Overall I couldn't have pictured a better way to kick off this band. Hopefully there will be many more memorable shows in the future!

Now you guys are playing a few shows coming up, including Edge Day in Philly with Youth of Today, and Anchors Up! in Haverhill, MA with Trial. What else is on the horizon for you guys?

Well on the horizon for us is just to play some more shows anywhere and everywhere. I believe in addition to the shows you mentioned we have shows in Vermont and Rhode Island in November. I just want to play with and for all the friends over the years. Also we are already writing new songs for a full length LP.

Now your debut EP "Inclusion" was pressed to seven inch vinyl, did you guys put those out yourselves?

Yes we put out the vinyl ourselves! It has become very clear to me over the years that unless you want to be associated with a certain group of bands or style of music that you don't really need a label. We are all perfectly capable of doing all this stuff on our own so that is what we decided to do. Besides if something doesn't come out on time or the way we like it we have no one to blame but ourselves. D.I.Y. lives!

Anything else you'd like to say?

I guess I'd just like to tell everyone that if hardcore/punk is truly valuable to you, you don't ever have to give up on it. I'm a 33 year old Architect and I'd say that this scene is more important to me now than when I was 16. It is possible to carve your own path!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vehement Serenade Interview

I very recently got turned onto this guys from listening to one of the BlackNBlue Radio shows, and was definitely impressed by what I heard from them. I ended up finding out that Vehement Serenade is a newer band featuring members of Earth Crisis, CroMags, Sworn Enemy and so many more. I got the chance to ask their bassist, Mike Couls a few questions. Check that out and their song "Refuse The Lie" from their debut seven inch below!

So can you tell me how Vehement Serenade started in the first place? From what I understand, you guys have been a band for a while now?

Basically, V.S started as a vehicle for a bunch of Old Friends to Play New Music! We wanted to Do Fresh material, without preconceived notions, or labels. All like minded musicians , whom genuinely enjoy creating and performing together!  V.S is a Brand New Group, yet , All the members have been in a number of bands over the years, some played in bands together, or toured with Bands another member was in.  

I'm relatively new to you guys, since I heard you guys about a month ago on Black N Blue Radio, but are these shows you guys are playing this fall the first shows that you've played, or have you guys been playing for a while?

Well, we started writing music back in 2008, shortly after and same year, we appeared at the Black n Blue bowl, as the "unannounced special guest"!! As a 1st show, it was the perfect way to "light the fuse" on the project, as we planned on taking a much more active form immediately. Life can be funny tho, and fate with a series of events kept the band apart. Good and Bad Stuff. Anything from Other Touring Commitments / Record Cycles members had in other bands, 2 of us had children, divorce/break ups, Death, living in different states, Bad Luck, chronic Chandrasthtama, etc and so forth.  SO against our Will, we laid inactive / dormant / hibernating for 2009-2011. 
The Good News is the Sleep is OVER!  The Planets are aligned, other commitments ending, and Vehement Serenade is taking life in the end of 2012.  The East Coast Tsunami Fest in Reading is the Grand Rebirth of the Band.  More shows being announced now, short run with Backtrack, few scattered shows. 2013 comes longer runs, and continuous momentum!!!!

You guys have your debut EP coming out on Fast Break! Records, that was produced by Joey Z of the almighty Life Of Agony. How would you describe the songs that are on this record?

Was an absolute pleasure working with Joey Z at the Helm! His studio in Brooklyn was like 2nd Home to us.  It impacted the record in a way in which it was stress free, and fun creating. The Material has elements of ALL of Our Collective History, has pieces of all of our experiences, yet, sounds entirely like NOTHING any of us have ever done. That's sort of the beauty of this Project!
We are releasing a 7 inch limited color vinyl on September 25th right before Tsunami Fest!  It's 2 songs, also available on I-Tunes. Good way to introduce the band and get some music out there in anticipation of the Full Length Album (Dropping in Spring 2013!!!)!  All of this made possible of coarse by FASTBREAK records, who is really behind us!!

What is it like having such a unique vocalists such as Karl from Earth Crisis, singing in your band?

Being in a band with Karl is fucking Awesome!! He writes GREAT Lyrics that are Rich in Content and Purpose.  His Hard Voice is Unreal  while his Singing Voice resembles Ozzy........ meanwhile he is a SUPER cool, down to Earth, Genuine Human Being.  Not to mention Road Ready Warrior, with Mucho Experience and a Cooling Vibe.  Last of All he is the most forgetful SxE motherfucker out there playing in a band with on point Stoners!! hahahahahahah LMAO!

Since Karl obviously has prior commitments to touring and such with Earth Crisis, what are your future plans for the band after this fall?

Vehement Serenade has a few shows to finish out in 2012.  2013 will bring the release of our Debut Full Length, Music Videos, Longer / More Tours, and a whole lot of Conquering & Gut Stomping in General.  Continuous forward momentum is the name of the game! Karl's other active ventures (Earth Crisis & Freya) will always continue to make albums and play shows, just not at a Full Time Capacity. Leaving us plenty of Room to Focus on V.S while maintaining our other Ventures.

Anything else you'd like to mention? 

You Can Follow the very Elusive Vehement Serenade on:

Limited Color Vinyl & I-Tunes avail @

BRAND NEW  V.S Merch Store: 

Thanks to Mike for taking the time to answer a few questions for us!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Apes Of Wrath - "Booze" Music Video and Interview.

As of late, Western Massachusetts has been producing a bunch of great bands, for example Deadlifts, Revenge, Sex Scene, Swamps, and Vultures just  to name a few. One of my personal favorite bands, Apes Of Wrath, which features Jamie Riddle of Death Threat on the mic, has dropped a music video for their new song "Booze" off their latest CD "Gorilla Warfare", that is out now on Frequency Deleted Records. This is one of the best videos I've seen in a long time, so check that out below and read the short interview I did with Jamie as well!

Who is Apes Of Wrath, and how made you want to start up another band?

Apes is just a collection of dudes from Western Mass that play in other bands i.e. Death Threat, Cruel Hand, Violent Reality and Give Em Hell. Well me personally? I've always played drums in all my other bands and I've always loved it but, the interaction with the crowd was something I never had that I wanted so I told myself  "I'm gonna front a band called Apes Of Wrath" and thats that.

So you have a new CD out now on Freqency Deleted Records called "Gorilla Warefare" and it's a fantastic record. If someone was who hasn't heard Apes before, what would they expect from the record?

Someone who hasn't heard Apes huh? Well I guess if we were to have one of those really neat "For Fans Of" stickers on the CD it would say One Life Crew, All Out War and Ringworm. We don't really carry a positive message. Some songs are personal and some songs are about street beef I have directly with other people. Either way I'm sure theres at least one song on the album you jerks can relate to.

Now you posted a music video for a new song "Booze". The video is crazy, what made you want to do a video for that song in particular?

hahahaha BOOOOOZE! because I love booze man. Imma cheap drunk lush fucking loser and I don't care. I wanted to show that song to the world in a video and party hard while we did it. Also I thought it would be a great oppurtunity to show off how hard Western Mass parties. Alot of the stuff in that video was done intentionally to shock people. Whoever said ignorance is bliss was right as fuck cause I'm bathing in it! I guess there's just something about booze and a heavy riff that when mixed properly it brings out the animal in me......well the ape anyway.

Now you guys recorded a cover of "We Are Young" by fun (Check It Out HERE!and you've been playing it live. What made you want to record that song?

hahaha the fun cover! I'll tell you exactly what happened, I heard the song and became immediatly obsessed with it. Any kind of youth based anthem that screams about grabbing the world by the balls and or lighting it on fire is right up my alley (See also: Cocksparrer - "Because You're Young"). Anyway, after about a week of walking around humming the song to myself, I went to bed and woke up the next morning humming it again and finally I lost it. I called my buddy John Gamble, who I used to do a band with and said "We gotta do a punk version of that fucking song man, it's driving me nuts!". It wasn't even supposed to be an Apes song, I went and did vocals and drums and John did the rest. We just kinda took it over as an Ape song. But apparently everyone loved it, so we started playing it live.

Anything else you'd like to say?


Sunday, March 25, 2012

FREE DOWNLOAD: Massachusetts Is A Coffin Compilation: Vol. 2

The Massachusetts Is A Coffin Compilation: Volume 2, is now available for streaming and free download. You can download and stream it at 

The tracklisting for the compilation is:

1. Abomination - Guillotine
2. Alert - Intro/Find Your Way
3. Anti-Venom - Dead Weight (ft. Mike of Abomination)
4. Apes Of Wrath - Bridge Burner
5. Black Sheep - The Reaper
6. The Bonus Army - Moving On
7. Caught In A Crowd - You've Lost
8. Darkwoods - No Place Is Home
9. Defeater - Cemetery Walls
10. Dry Heave - Bad Vibes
11. DYS - Sound Of Our Town(feat. Dicky Barrett)
12. Foxfires - Good Fences
13. Hammerfaced - Low Spirits(Ft. Phil of Anti-Venom/Villain) 
14. Hostage - October Mourning
15. Jack Burton vs. David Lo Pan - Starring Jamie Lynn Spears In Madonna's Papa Don't Preach
16. Matahari - No Longer Narrow
17. My Fictions - Same Grave
18. New Lows - Last Of The Rats
19. Our Side - No Place
20. Plagues - Insects
21. Powerwolves - Heavy Lies The Crown
22. Raw Sex - Cleansing Tides
23. Revenge - Nervous Wreck
24. Rewind - Losing Touch
25. Rude Awakening - Severed Ties
26. Sex Scene - Abused
27. Streetsweeper - Real Talk
28. Swamps - Kill The Cold
29. Tenebrae - No Voice
30. Villain - Short Answer
31. Vultures - Not Guilty
32. Wolf Whistle - En Attendant Hudon 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ian Geiger of Overlooked Interview

I sat down with Ian Geiger who sings for North Carolina's Overlooked. You can listen to there new sevin inch single "Someday Never Came"  below, but if you want to hear more of their music, click here.

Overlooked - "Someday Never Comes" Seven Inch Single by WhereItEnds
If you like what you hear, order the record here!


What's up Ian? How've you been as of late?

Not bad man, been working on getting 2012 lined up for us and working on some new stuff. This year was pretty rough so the past few months have kind of been our recovery period I guess you could say, and just getting ready to gear up and hit 2012 even harder.

Hell yeah, so how did Overlooked start up?

I played in a few bands and filled in for a few bands prior to this, but nothing ever seemed to work out or add up the way that I wanted it to. Starting Overlooked was a way to do things on my own terms with like-minded people. I pretty much wrote our demo by myself, and then recruited our old drummer and our guitarist. We’ve basically worked from there, and since then we’ve gone through a few member changes, had our share of good luck, bad luck, everything in between.

Well that’s almost bound to happen you know? What's the Overlooked lineup looking like as of now?

Well now we are probably at our most solid lineup, everything just makes sense now. But myself and parker, our guitarist, are the only original members at this point. Jared is our second drummer and Lenny used to be our roadie and he just kind of ended up playing bass for us after Tyler left. That makes him our third or fourth bassist, something like that. We’re really happy with how everything is working out though, we are all best friends so it just makes sense better than it ever did.

Can you tell me a little bit about your bands discography?

We’ve put out a 7" EP, an online EP, a 7" single that just came out, and were writing right now for our split with Another Mistake. Our first 7" we wrote within the first few months of being a band and recorded it right afterwards, but it took forever to come out. We had to wait almost like 8 months before we could really work off of that record and start touring in support of it, but once it did we started hitting the road as much as we could. We went through some lineup changes and kind of worked out some kinks, and then hit the studio and recorded our online EP and the single.

That split is going to be awesome, I love that 7" that they put out on Like Glue Records. That label and Nick who runs it, is awesome. Have you checked out any of their releases?

Yeah that is a really great label that is doing a lot for the southeast and the midwest, Nick puts a lot into that label and really loves hardcore. It seems like every band they work with end up moving onto even bigger things, and it’s really awesome to see something like that. That Written Off/Out Crowd split is a banger for sure, both of those bands are on point.

Yeah, both sides of that split are bangers. You guys are putting out a new seven inch on Brad's Gang records, who have put out some awesome records. How'd you guys get hooked up with Brad's Gang?

One of my old bands toured with the guys who run Brad’s Gang like 3 years ago, so when this label got started up it was inevitable that we would end up working together at some point. We had been kinda stagnant and were unsure of what we were doing release-wise, so I asked if they were into the idea of doing a really small run of 7" singles and it just went from there. It’s been super casual and great to work with them, I’m really pumped on how everything came out.

How's your new seven inch compare to your previous material?

 It’s every aspect of this band that we aim for, but better. It’s faster, it’s angrier, and it’s heavier. We sat on these songs for a while and were able to work out every little thing with these songs and make them the best we could, so they represent everything that Overlooked is as a band. I’m not ashamed of our first 7" at all, it just could’ve come out a lot better in retrospect, and this new stuff definitely represents us as a whole much better.

Are you guys planning on touring within the next year?

We have a weekend in February coming up, then planning on a two week run of the east coast/midwest at the end of February or the beginning of March. After that, is all up in the air, but we have every intention of being on the road this year. We would love to hit some fests, and are actively trying to make that happen. We have a lot in the works, so hopefully well be everywhere that we wanna be to this year.

Do you plan on releasing more material in the future, like an LP?

Like I said earlier, this upcoming spring we have a split coming out with Another Mistake from Kentucky. We are super lucky to have Twelve Gauge Records from San Francisco putting it out, and I think it will go over really well, at least I HOPE it does. As far as an LP goes, I don’t know if we are the type of band to ever really do an LP. We’ve talked about it, but I just don’t know to be honest. I love releasing 7 inches and smaller stuff like that. I have always thought that EP’s, singles, and splits were the coolest releases a band can do. But in a few months I’ll have knocked all three of those off of our band bucket-list, so maybe an LP will come..who knows!

So what do you think about the current hardcore scene? What are the pros/cons to you?

There are a lot of different types of bands doing big things right now..heavy bands, fast bands, whatever. Lots of mixed tours and different scenes working together, so that’s definitely a good thing. There definitely isn’t a shortage of bands, or of kids even. It’s just that for whatever reason, even in this internet age, its somehow still borderline impossible to get kids to come to shows. Either they claim to not know about them, or complain about price, or something. But to be honest, I feel like kids are too afraid to step out of their comfort zone when it comes to shows..which with these mixed tours is cool because some kid might be 15 years old and saw some kinda bigger hardcore band on the Warped Tour or some shit, and when some band they jock is on a tour with two or three other straight up hardcore bands that he’s never heard of before, he’s more likely to check them out. So I guess what I’m trying to say is the people that are coming out are cool, the bands that are playing are cool, it’s just a matter of getting MORE people to support what’s going on around them and take note of what’s up.

Yeah it's the same way everywhere almost, especially kids complaining about shows. Do you guys have any solid venues in your area?

North Carolina/South Carolina are kind of just one collective scene, so if a show can’t happen in one town, it can probably go down within a few hours of it and most of the same kids will attend. But as far as Wilmington, we have a great venue called The Soapbox, but they are starting to stray away from doing hardcore shows. It sucks, because I’ve seen and played some of my favorite shows there and would love to keep it that way, but things change I guess.

Is there anything else you'd like to say my man?

Thanks Jim for doing this interview and to anyone that read this and has checked us out. Shout outs to the NCHC, Jihad and Twelve Gauge Records, Brad’s Gang Records, Life to Live Records. Listen to Another Mistake. Hardcore rules, hopefully we see everybody soon.

Friday, November 11, 2011

"Hardcore Merch" by Brian Murphy(How's Your Edge,

"Hardcore Merch" by Brian Murphy(How's Your Edge, was featured in Where It Ends Zine #3. Enjoy. (That's Brian in the red shirt, diving during the In My Eyes set at Edge Day 2009.)

As styles in hardcore music go in cycles so does taste in hardcore merchandise. What is king shit today can be just shit tomorrow. But that’s the name of the game, I suppose. Just like one style of hardcore can't stay at the top forever, one bands merch can rule the roost forever. People will always love generic youth crew and Uniform Choice 4 sided tees, but other flavors burn hot for months or years. 

Running over the past few years, means I have seen some trend come and go.  Here’s a break down of some of the cycles I've seen over the last few years.For those with short memories, fear not. I plan on keeping all my examples relevant to the last 3 years. 

Let’s start in 2009 with Have Heart. As you may recall, Have Heart broke up in 2009 which made ALL of their merch worth its weight in gold. Final show shirts were selling for outrageous prices on ebay, despite not selling out at the gig. Of course, these prices dropped once the band put up the numerous leftovers on their online store. But for roughly 3 months surrounding the last gig, Have Heart merch was the merch to have (to sell). These days the prices are much more reasonable. Shirts can be had for $15-20, which is way better than the $60-65 some were going for previously, but not all of the shirt prices fell off. Certain fest tshirts still command high prices. But that last show tanktop? Don't spend your whole paycheck on it. You can probably get it for the cost of a slightly expensive lunch. Cha-ching.

More recently, say late spring 2010 into early winter 2011, Trapped Under Ice was KILLING it merch wise. They were selling a ton of great merch, and flipping was off the chain. The secondary market TUI windbreaker sales could have fueled a tour van for a few states, big ones at that. There were days where two or three windbreakers would all end at once, each of them cracking that $100 mark. I feel like one even went to $120. Crazy. Fast forward and the prices are again reasonable. I imagine the jackets sold new for anywhere between $35 and $45. You could probably get one on ebay for $50-$60 now. That's not terrible, right?

That brings us to today -- the beginning of fest season. Fests are amazing. I frequently refer to them as Merch Bloodbaths. It's inevitable. Every band, every label, every outlet (ttd included) will have something for sale. It's intense. And one thing I've learned about fest season, wait it out. If you you couldn't make it to the fest, wait 8 months, then buy on ebay. Just wait. The day after the fest, ebay will light up with "fest only" merch. People will go buck and bid like maniacs. However, if it's something incredible, sit back a few months. Wait for the fires to cool, then pounce on a deal. It almost never fails (think about the Smoke With Cali Have Heart tee. They've come WAY down in the years following that fest). Trust me on this one. Just wait it out.

Of course, some classic hardcore merch has never gone out of style. A Youth Crew 88 shirt will always look crucial. A Smorgasboard Records tshirt will always be classic. And you'll never be able to purchase a judge schism longsleeve with miller tags on ebay for a bargain. Actually, I shouldn't say never. You may luck into one: a misspelling, a bad listing, an eager to sell ebayer. It can happen, and it does happen. But chances are, you're going to have to fight tooth and nail for it. That's just the way it is lately. 

Classic items never go out of style, while trends come and go. And the most important thing to remember, buy what you like. I know it sounds low and stupid, but seriously, why are you buying some limited merch from a band that you don't even like? Support the bands you love, and give high fives to the rest. Let the next kid in line who loves that band buy the merch.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Justin Ogden(Let Down/Wrong Answer) Interview

About a month ago, I interviewed Justin Ogden, who sings for Wrong Answer from Pennsylvania. He also used to play bass in a band called Let Down. Enjoy.

What's up Justin? How are you doing?

I am doing pretty good right now! I am writing this from a kid's kitchen, somewhere in Indiana at like 3 AM. Everyone else is asleep and I am up computing.

Now I just wanted to start out by saying that your set at This Is Hardcore was rad as hell. There was a stupid amount of kids pitting when you opened up with "The World Is Empty". What was that like for you, especially since you were playing the same day as Youth of Today and H2O?

Well for us (I think I can speak for the whole band on this one) it was cooler because of YOT and Ringworm, I haven't really given H2O a second thought since I was 15. But yeah man it was fucking awesome, it was cool to be one of the local bands that people actually go off for, not like one of the ones in years past who just got a slot out of pity, or as a hand out to see what we'd do with it. We’ve been really lucky over the last year or so and also put in a lot of work and it's always nice to see people appreciate your efforts and stuff like that. It was a really special moment for sure - I considered trying to get my parents to come out because they've never seen this band (they saw let down twice though) but I was kinda nervous, didn't know how the set would turn out, and just didn't want to deal with any potential headaches from the situation. But now I wish I had. But yeah, Ringworm and Youth of today... Man. In an ideal situation that's what I’d like our band to sound like, in a blender.

What other bands did you enjoyed/excited to see at the Fest?

Beware, Face Reality, Underdog, Mother of Mercy, Title Fight, Dead End Path, Nails, All Else Failed, Stick Together, Damnation A.D, and many more. I would have enjoyed Agitator if I had arrived early enough but I’m a dummy.

I remember during Agitator's set Marty said something about you not being at the Fest or something so you couldn't sing your part in "Force Fed Lies"! hahaha, But what's your opinion on Force Fed and everything that surrounded that band?

Oh jeez. Well whatever, first of all I showed up to the fest way late because I’m a dumb idiot but yeah, my opinion on Force Fed? This is a long one. I mean I’ll go so far as to say that my opinion on force fed probably differs greatly from Marty's opinion on them. See for Marty, Force Fed was a band that was around as he was starting to transition more from metalcore to actual hardcore, and since he was always into being straight edge that was a band whose message he really got into and like, believed in or whatever. So for him it was like a slight, like he put his faith in them and they disappointed him, or whatever. At least that's what I’ve gathered from conversations I’ve had with Marty on the subject.

Now obviously my thoughts on force fed come from an entirely different perspective. Force Fed was a band that myself and a lot of other older hardcore kids kinda helped out because they were the only band playing actual hardcore that seemed "legit" or like they "had a chance" that had new people in it (not some combination of the people from let down/mother of mercy and war pigs). The fact that they were straight edge was a big bonus, so my friends and I went out of our way to push them, help them out, whatever. Right away I pretty much knew that they weren't exactly what we were all pushing them to be. Their singer seemed legit, their bass player was a nice guy but everyone knew that he was just being straight edge to go along with the crowd, as he would talk openly about how much he missed smoking weed and how cool it was (despite singing in another short-lived straight edge side project - by the way, there's rumors this dude broke way before FF ever ended) and their drummer was a late-bloomer 'know it all' type who figured he had mastered hardcore after he had been playing in such an illustrious and well-respected band for all of six months. He was already over everything hardcore and especially Force Fed related long before the band ended, I remember over-hearing many whiny conversations with this dude on the subject of how annoying it was to go on tour. Well, not even go on tour. Like drive somewhere and play a show. Justin, the guitar player who now plays in Stick Together, was and remains to be a stand-up dude, and is still straight edge.

In fact that's the part that sucks about the whole thing, is that when you criticize Force Fed the only person who ends up hearing about it is Justin, because the singer and bass player have literally nothing to do with hardcore anymore and apparently just spend most of their time high/drunk or whatever, and the drummer is now in a frat or something and has applied his ego and know-it-all attitude to his future career in risk management or whatever (see the Dead Kennedy song "terminal preppie"). So like, when you dis force fed, it flies under the radar of the people you're actually targeting and ends up just annoying the one dude in the band who didn't do anything worth being dissed about.

But anyway, I have no epic feelings about force fed. They did their thing, they tried REALLY hard to be some craaazy straight edge outfit (would start shit over people drinking near them, constantly dis other local edge breakers, have ingenious stage banter that at one time consisted of 'fuck all the edge breaking faggots', and other stuff like that) - basically they were like a shit that let down took that wouldn't flush down the toilet. Then, after all of that, they turned into everything they made fun of. I think that's worthy of ridicule but it's not like I find it personally offensive. If those dudes would have taken the shots people gave them when they turned out to be hypocrites and just kept doing what they were doing (being into HC, playing in bands, booking shows in the singer's case) then nobody would have much of a leg to stand on when it came to making fun of them. But of course, their entire personalities and set of interests changed when they weren't claiming edge anymore. Go figure.

A lot of people think I have beef with those dudes just because they broke edge or something, and the truth is I don't have any beef with any of them and I don't wish anything bad to happen to them, but... How do I put this? It's kind of like swinging a big chain around, when you talk to the talk and can't back it up. Be prepared for that chain to come back and hit you in the face, kind of like when Keith Gallagher was moshing to Mother of Mercy playing 'Swinging the Chain' at their record release show and hit himself in the face with a chain. Like if I stood by your side and laughed with you at the people who were exactly like what you turned out to be, why wouldn't I laugh at you too? Straight edge means the same thing it did to me in 2002, 2006 or 2010. I'm not the one who changed. And it's bigger than just 'dropping a label' or something, when it coincides with your entire personality and set of interests changing. And obviously that would affect a friendship.

So Wrong Answer was so supposed to tour out to Sound and Fury this year, but you guys had to cancel because of money problems if I'm correct?

Yeah we don't have a car, between us as a band. Like I don't mean we don't have a band van, I mean that none of us even has our own car. For short trips we can usually borrow Kevin’s dad's car, and for longer ones we've been lucky enough lately to be helped out by Marty from Agitator (he played bass for us on our five day Canadian jaunt last month, and this time around he just let his us borrow his car while he rides in the van with the rest of his band). So I would have had to rent a car, and upon looking at the tour we ended up with I realized that it wouldn't have been worth the extra cost of a car rental. Because it was around Sound and Fury time, a lot of bands were touring, so a lot of the shows would have been with shitty bands like Doubledealer and other smaller touring bands trying to do their thing, so I figured instead of turning those shows into two or three tour packages we'd just sit it out because honestly it probably means a lot more to all of those kids to be able to go out and play that fest than it does to me (and I damn sure wasn't going to fly out to California for $150 hahaha)

Also kind of right before we were going to leave I found out that my girlfriend had been cheating on me for several months with a good friend of mine and we broke up, I lived with her and the plan was to really bust my ass at work and come up with enough money to move the fuck out, asap. Well, here we are a couple of months later and I still live with her. The idiotic escapes of a desperate man. 

You still did the Canadian dares of that tour with Revenge right? Was it your first time being up there, well at least with Wrong Answer?

We had done a weekend in Canada before, when we played London and New market Ontario with agitator (and then did buffalo NY). I had been to Toronto a couple of times with Let Down, and had accompanied Force Fed on some trips up there too (LOL). I tried to go to Canada with mother of mercy once but they got rejected at the border, plus I’d been there on my own plenty. I actually grew up in Whitby, Ontario which is a suburb about a half an hour outside of Toronto (shout out to all Durham hardcore kids, especially my homies in head check). So yeah it was kind of familiar territory but I really love going out there and playing. Four of the five days were with Revenge, it was the end of their full US tour. I'd never met those guys and was only familiar with their music in passing but they were nice dudes and were fun to play with, the shows went well and I feel like our bands complimented each other nicely. The Kemptville, Ontario show was probably the coolest show we have ever played.

So since you've been posting tour updates of your Midwest tour with Agitator, I won't ask anything about it really other than, Marty got shingles before tour?

Yeah man Marty’s disgusting right now, I think the blister-y part of his shingles went away so now he just looks like someone was whipping him with a belt or something. He said that it's not contagious if you had chicken pox when you were younger and I had that shit in kindergarten so I’m not scared of him or anything, but yeah pretty gross. Apparently he's in pain from it too so if you see Marty, be nice to him.

Your debut 7' "The World Is Empty" came out on Harvcore Records last year and you guys made a music video for the title track. It turned out awesome, and it was one of the few hardcore bands who did videos like that in the last year. The only two I can think of would be Terror and Xibalba. What made you guys want to do a video in the first place anyways?

I kinda forget what our original motivation for doing that music video was, I didn't really think much of it at the time, and I just thought it'd be something dumb and funny. My friend Dan was going to school for a/v shit and had a really nice camera, he agreed to do it for free and I came up with some half-baked idea for a plot, so we go ahead and did it at the Halloween show last year. I think that if I had any intention at all, it was to kind of get that song more out there because I didn't think it would be any fun to play live if people didn't know the words (there are a lot of words in it and I have to sing them really quickly, if I don't have any help I’ll usually be on the ground wheezing by the end). So yeah it really wasn't something that a lot of thought went into, I had this beat ass script that we didn't even use, all the 'acting' parts were done in one take I think, and the performance is from an actual show. I didn't script any mosh or choreograph shit or have the band play to a track or anything like some other joke ass music videos, I think that shit is so corny and lame and is really visible in the real product. We played the song twice and even that was a mistake because the second time everyone just kinda stared at us like we were idiots. Everyone in the video is a friend of mine and mostly just went off to be nice, I think if people knew the video was going to be as big as it was, it would have been even crazier. But at the time we were like a second or third rate local band and nobody thought much of it haha. 
Wrong Answer "The World Is Empty" Music Video

While on the topic of music videos, I read something that during one of Agitators sets on that tour you just did, there was a rap music video shot?

Yes that was actually this past evening, these dudes were filming a rap video and wanted some crazy shit going on in the background so the shot parts of it during our sets, in particular during agitator's people started going wild and throwing all this shit around, while these dudes were rapping with their backs to them. It was pretty goddamn crazy and I really hope I get to see this video someday to witness the outcome. Also noteworthy - these dudes filming this video were vice lords, so Agitator, the band that brought you the record 'Enter Vice Lords', finally got to cross paths with some real vice lords hahaha.

So at This Is Hardcore you guys played a new song off you're new seven inch that's going to be coming out on Six Feet Under Records. What are the details on that record?

It's going to be a four or five song EP called "Cross a Black Cat's Path", we have like four songs right now and we're just writing as much as we can right now, then we'll pick the best shit and go in and record it. We really didn't restrict ourselves musically with this, the deal with WA has always been that we write whatever music and lyrics we want and it is what it is, no "in the vein of" or "for fans of" shit. I don't know what songs are actually going to end up on the record but I do know that out of the songs we have so far, we have like straight forward moshy shit, then we have a song with an Ink and Dagger part, and a song that straight up sounds like embrace. I'm pretty excited to fiddle around with these songs some more and come up with the best EP we can, and also to put in serious work on the lyrical side of things. Luckily, I’ve had plenty to say lately.

So everyone asks you and your band this question, but for the people that really don't know about it, but what is your or the "Wrong Answer" definition of what naughty youth crew is?

I think it started off as something totally different than what it is now. I started saying it just to try to define what we were doing, because in old reviews of early Integrity stuff (say like the off the bat demo or something) people would refer to them as 'dark youth crew' and there was something about that term that always struck me as being cool. So Integrity/Ringworm are huge influences on us but instead of pulling from that perspective that a lot of bands do where they're like 'oh well here's some downtuned hardcore with metal leads and some totally evil lyrics about how messed up and crazy I am, we're kind of approaching it more along the lines of 'let's play shit that's fast and kinda dark, with a punk edge to it'. Just going for a different set of influences than most bands influenced by integrity, reaching back a little farther I guess.

The other influence behind it is that like, for me personally, and also a lot of other kids I know, like we're dudes that were very into youth crew hardcore, from the inception of that style in the 80s with all those rev bands to the 90s revival to even bands like count me out in the 2000s, I just love that style, but I’m not like a youth crew revivalist dweeb with a pos top haircut and a bold shirt on, trying to fit the mold of some dude on the back of a record from 23 years ago. I'm just myself, I was a bad kid growing up, I didn't fit in at school, fucked up things happened to me and I’ve done fucked up things to other people. I'm not some clean cut person - I’m not a misanthropic, apathetic dickhead either and I’d like to think that I do more good than harm in the long run, but yeah. So naughty youth crew also evoked that for me in the beginning, just being into a wide range of hardcore including youth crew shit but not being restricted or trying to play some role. It also coincides with our vibe in general - I tackle serious topics in our lyrics but try to have fun with it in a live environment, we're not one of those 'roll around on the floor and watch me act crazy' bands. I want people to go off and have a good time when we play, it's honestly important to me.

It's come to mean something different I guess, like now I think of that term, "naughty youth crew" as just a name for everyone that gets what we're doing. We're not an easy band to pin down, I don't think. It's pretty easy to deduce our influences but I don't think we sound like a rip of any band, past or present. Nor can you put an easy label or attach a gimmick to us, which seems like a popular thing in today's internet-based hardcore world. A lot of the time I feel like people expect/want WA to be a straight edge band and are disappointed to learn I’m the only one, like that somehow makes our band less worthwhile than some other band whose members aren't going to be straight edge the year after their band breaks up. If you feel that way, fuck off, we don't want you to like us anyway. You are a mindless pissant. But yeah for everyone who gets what we do, who doesn't need a convenient label or a gimmick to appreciate a band and can just appreciate music for what it is, everyone who can catch our vibe and of course all my friends, we baptize you the naughty youth crew, worldwide.

Alright, so tell me what is so great about tumblr? You seem to get a crazy amount of odd questions all the time.

I guess if you just type out long responses to most of the questions you get asked on tumblr, people will keep asking you more and more of them because they like the idea of being personally responsible for someone investing a lot of time and effort into typing words on a computer. Well just to warn all of you, I’m an extremely fast typist and writing a bunch of words on a computer screen is my idea of a good time, so it's no sweat off my back! Haha. But yeah I mean tumblr is just a tool to express yourself like any other one available. Some people just use it to re-post a bunch of stuff and take glamor shots and stuff like that, and that's cool if it's what you're into. For me, I think it's a cool way to share a part of my life with people through words and pictures, and because there's a community aspect to it (somewhat like Facebook) it comes in with a built-in audience - which motivates me to keep doing it. I didn't get a lot of attention as a child.

What's the weirdest question someone’s asked you?

People say a lot of weird stuff to me about 'my potential' or something like that, I’d say something along those lines because it's so awkward to hear and I don't know what the hell people expect me to do with myself hahaha. Other than that, most of the weirder ones are probably my friends fucking with me.

So how many times have you been asked in let's say, the last two years "When is Let Down going to play again?" or "Will Let Down ever play again?". I'm sure at some point it gets tiring hearing that.

A good number of times I guess, I mean especially in our area. I mean I get tired of hearing it only because I always have the same answer, which is like "I don't know" to both of those. There was a time when three of us were dead set about playing again and just drew didn't want to do it. As time goes on the idea of a reunion seems less and less likely, but under certain specific circumstances it could be pretty cool. I think most of us are on the same page that we want it to happen as like a sudden surprise/not as a main draw on a show or anything. That way we wouldn't be trying to cling to any fading popularity, and it would be in the spirit of everything let down did. But yeah I’m proud of Let Down and what we did, those were the best times of my life and I’m still as straight edge as ever, and as long as everyone else is, I’ll always be down to play again under the right circumstances.

Also your bet with Sausage is still good? Correct? The one about everyone still being edge?

Yeah both he and Robby were pretty sure I’d be the first to break out of Let Down, jackasses. We are all still straight edge and the band has been over for more than two years, pretty good so far! Hopefully that continues forever.

Anything else you'd like to say?

Boy, I’ve said a lot! If you read all of that, thanks! And thanks for the interview! Check out my tumblr: 

Shout out to my true friends who have had my back and put up with my bullshit through a year that has taken a serious toll on me, you know who you are and although I don't always show it, I love you and I wouldn't be here without you, seriously.

Check out Beware and Black Feathers, two great up and coming bands from my area. 

Listen to Never Healed. 

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